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I am currently writing a paper on OSHW with Prof. Gianmario Verona and Prof. Emanuela Prandelli.

Spurring Creativity in the Marketspace: An Evolutionary Model of Social Hardware

Despite the increasing diffusion of OSHW in business activities, their nature,
impact, and evolutionary trajectories have not been fully investigated from an
economic viewpoint. This study attempts to provide an evolutionary model of
open platform development and governance through the in-depth analysis of
Arduino business model and, in addition, of 16 case studies like SparkFun and
Bug Labs. Our study identifies two main crucial drivers for governing OSHW:
open platform dependency and user entrepreneurship. In addition, it provides
insights on how to favor the diffusion of social hardware in order to spur
creativity and support technology progress in the marketspace.


The first draft of the paper will be presented at OHS 2011:



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